Irene Y. Zhang

Ph. D. student - Computer Science & Engineering University of Washington

I work with Hank Levy and Arvind Krishnamurthy in the Computer Systems Lab. My current research focuses on systems for large-scale, distributed applications, including distributed runtime systems and transactional storage systems.

Before starting my PhD, I worked for three years at VMware in the virtual machine monitor group. I received my S.B. in computer science from MIT in 2008 and my M. Eng. in 2009.

I was born in Beijing, China and spent most of my time growing up in Columbus, Indiana. My husband and I like to cook, travel and occasionally do computer science together.

News & Happenings

  • 01 September 2016

    I’m excited to be attending the Rising Stars workshop at CMU in October. From the webpage, Rising Stars “brings together the world’s brightest women Ph.D. students, postdocs, and engineers/scientists, for two days of scientific interactions and career-oriented discussions aimed at navigating the early stages of careers in academia.”

  • 22 August 2016

    The Diamond source code is now available on github and gitlab. Take a look back in a few weeks for a draft of our paper to appear in OSDI 2016.

  • 31 July 2016

    Our paper on the Diamond automated data management platform will appear in OSDI 2016 and our work on the Disciplined Inconsistency type system will appear at SoCC 2016.

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