Irene Y. Zhang


UW CSE 452 - Distributed Systems.

I am a teaching assistant for Winter 2016. Some useful links:

Past Courses that I have been involved with:

Research Seminars

  • Paxos Reading Group - I am currently running the Paxos Reading Group. We discuss papers on consistency, replication and transactions from the systems, architecture, programming languages and database communities.

  • UW CSE 590s

  • I ran UW’s Systems seminar for Winter 2014 where we covered a mix of student research and SOSP papers.


I have worked with some great undergraduates in the past:

  • Tyler Denniston is currently a PhD student at MIT, working with Saman Amarasinghe.

  • Dana Van Acken is currently a PhD student at CMU, working with Andy Pavlo.

  • Isaac Ackerman is currently a PhD student at Cornell.