Irene Y. Zhang


I publish all of my code to github.

  • Demikernel is a portable user-level OS library for kernel-bypass written in Rust. It is currently maintained by software engineers at Microsoft Research and contributors from the open-source community. Join the Slack to find out more!
  • The implementation of TAPIR along with a few conventional protocols, including two-phase commit with optimistic concurrency control and strict two phase locking atop viewstamp replication and an implementation of the Spanner protocol. This repo also includes bindings for YCSB-t and an implementation of the Retwis Twitter benchmark from our SOSP paper.
  • The implementation of Diamond along with language-bindings for C++, Java and Python and compilation instructions for both x86 and ARM. This repo also includes many example applications including a simple terminal-based multi-player game, a multi-player Scrabble game, a note-taking app and a Twitter clone.
  • The source for this webpage. It is based on this original template and uses Jekyll to generate static content and bibble to generate a publications page from bibtex. I’ve made many organization changes and additions to templates over the years that may be useful to other academics.