Irene Y. Zhang

Program Committees

  • NSDI 2024 PC Chair
  • SOSP 2023 DEI Chair
  • SIGOPS Dissertation Award Committee 2022 Chair
  • VEE 2021 PC Chair
  • OSDI 2021 PC
  • SOSP 2021 PC
  • EuroDW 2021 PC Chair
  • NSDI 2021 PC
  • OSDI 2020 PC
  • EuroSys 2020 PC
  • EuroDW 2020 PC
  • APSys 2019 PC
  • SOSP 2019 PC
  • ASPLOS 2019 PC
  • NSDI 2019 PC
  • OSDI 2018 PC
  • USENIX ATC 2018 PC
  • VEE 2018 PC
  • ASPLOS 2017 External Reviewer
  • OSDI 2016 External Reviewer


I am currently working with some fantastic PhD students:

I’ve also worked with many great PhD students in the past:


I’m currently working on a new initiative to combat harassment at CS conferences. The Superhero Network is an unaffiliated group of mid-career women that are experts and advocates in harassment prevention and intervention. We are currently working on standardizing codes of conduct across conferences and ensuring conference safety.

I started Women’s Research Day at UW as a day of technical content presented by women for women. It is now in its sixth year!

If you would like to start a similar event at your institution, feel free to contact me.